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Sarah Elton’s wonderful new book, “Starting from Scratch” ( ,  seems to be a twist on that old proverb about giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. “Starting from Scratch”  ( offers youngsters a soup to nuts tutorial on how to make their way around a kitchen by cooking delicious and nutritious meals using whole foods and natural ingredients.

This is a great book for uniting families in a whole activity they can do together, preparing a meal,  and even seasoned adult cooks may learn a thing or two they didn’t know on topics ranging from knife safety, recipes and food storage.

“Starting from Scratch” by Sarah Elton – Gotta Love It!



You may not be able to wave a magic wand this holiday season and cure all of the ills that beset your cherished family members and friends. But you can do the next best thing to help them live a healthier life by gifting them with a cookbook that focusing on healthy dining and nutrition. Diabetic Living’s “The Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook” published by Better Homes & Gardens ( is a great example of a beautifully illustrated cookbook that can help anyone suffering from diabetes enjoy mealtime more and improve their health as a bonus.

Robert Rose Publishers out of Canada ( also has introduced quite a series of great cookbooks this year that deal with healing health issues using food. These include “The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook”, “The Eczema Diet” and “Raw, Quick and Delicious.”

Cookbooks that focus on healthy dining – Gotta Love It!


Don’t wait until after the holidays to address the weight issues you are facing now, especially that expanding waistline. Start cooking with recipes provided by the Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies right now ( and you’ll be on your way to losing that unattractive spare tire by the time your are toasting the New Year!

This latest Dummies guidebook features both practical advice as well as loads of encouragement to stay on track as you savor such delicious dishes as Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Dip, Breakfast Burrito Bowl and Mushroom Flatbread and Arugula Salad, one of numerous recipes designed to burn up that annoying belly fat. Learn how to keep a Flat Belly Kitchen, tips and tricks to choose belly friendly foods, and how small easy choices you can make every day can make weight loss actually pleasant!

The Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies – Gotta Love It!

orgainorgain kids

Move over sugary, carbonated beverages. There’s a new high protein drink in town that will not only satisfy your thirst this summer but also provide you with loads of vitamins and minerals for energy.

Orgain Organic Nutrtional Shakes ( come in a variety of delicious flavors, including Sweet Vanilla Bean, Iced Cafe Mocha for Coffee lovers, Strawberry and even three flavors guaranteed to please the kids. Pop the convenient serving box in the fridge and drink nutritional Orgain right out of the box. We love the resealable lid and the generous 11 oz. serving size. Why settle for a sugar fix from soda this summer that eventually sends you crashing when High Protein Orgain treats you to delicious flavor, a silky smooth consistency and energy to keep you going.

Orgain Organic Nutritional Shakes – Gotta Love It!


There’s a delicious surprise when you spread Naturally Moore Peanut Butter ( on your back to school peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not only is there the authentic taste of freshly roasted peanuts, there is also the rich and crunchy goodness of flaxseeds and flaxseed oils for a boost of omega-3 oils.

Naturally More comes in both creamy spread and chunky (our favorite) and is great for using beyond sandwiches, too! Enjoy it as a dip for sliced apples or carrot sticks, spread on your grilled cheese sandwich for a new taste sensation or blended into chocolate milk for a power-house shake. We also enjoy it straight from the spoon as a snack treat, savoring every bite.

Naturally More Peanut Butter – Gotta Love It!