Now that winter has officially arrived, you want to be prepared for freezing temperatures, snowy days and nights in front of the fireplace. Get yourself an alibi, for the holiday season and beyond, in the form of a delicious libation recently launched by Panache Beverages ( .

Alibi American Whiskey is a corn-based whiskey with elements of rye and malted barley, aged in American oak casks, then distilled in Indiana prior to the blending and bottling process in Florida. We found it to be the perfect blending whiskey for using in  holiday cocktails served steaming hot!. Creating a Hot Buttered Alibi Whiskey is as easy as blending 2 ounces of this bold liquor with brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves,nutmeg and butter, adding boiling water and stirring with a cinnamon stick. Use star anise as the finishing  touch for a nice seasonal garnish.  The beautifully appointed bottle is also a lovely decorative addition to your holiday bar! And priced at under $25 per bottle, Alibi makes a great stocking stuffer.

Alibi American Whiskey from Panache Beverages – Gotta Love It!