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Want to put a smile on someone’s face as big as a Jack O’Lantern’s? Send them one of the terrific Halloween-themed gift selections from (

These goodies are the perfect solution when you can’t be there in person to say thank you, congratulations, Happy Halloween or I’m thinking of you. There are almost 40 different gift choices that can be shipped for Halloween celebrating, including a Spooktacular Sweets Mug filled with brand name candy bar items, an Orchard’s Abundance Gourmet Fruit Basket or the ever popular Goblin’s Grub Popcorn Tin, a trio of sweet, crunchy and delicious Caramel Apple, Worms in the Dirt and White Chocolate Candy Corn popcorn. And with the Christmas season right around the corner, also offers great ideas for the Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. Our gift of Goblin’s Grub came very well packaged with ice packs so the quality of the popcorn was not affected by unseasonably warm weather! And our Spooktacular Sweets Mug was jam-packed with some of our favorite quality candy brands, including Twizzlers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M & M’s.

These treats are reasonably priced, starting at $17.99 and there’s no trick to getting 10 percent off your order – simply use Promo Code Gourmet10! – Gotta Love It!




classic candy

It’s not too early to consider what you will be including in your Trick Or Treat cornucopia this Halloween season. If you really want to wow all of your ghosts and goblins, consider making your own candy, guided by Abigail Gehring’s wonderful “Classic  Candy” cookbook (

Most of the goodies included in this easy to follow cookbook require no more than four ingredients. Enjoy more than 60 recipes for everything from homemade candy corn and cinnamon hard candies to fudge, pecan toffee and melt-in-your-mouth salted caramels.

Classic Candy by Abigail R. Gehring – Gotta Love It!