Find it difficult deciding how to “treat” friends and family members this Halloween? The Haunted House of Sweets Tackle Box (pictured above) from Dylan’s Candy Bar ( is just one of numerous was to tackle your gift giving problems!

Smash Pumpkins and Shimmering Skulls are also among the clever sweet offerings that Dylan’s can ship across the city or across the miles and their decorated pops and filled candy coffins make great door prizes or place settings for Halloween parties.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Halloween Tackle Boxes — Gotta Love It!

Longtime coach and teacher Chris Carlisle is a man with a plan. And his inspirational book, “Move or Die” ( wants YOU to have a plan, too!

Carlisle has helped thousands of individuals define and achieve their goals and he came to recognize that people fell into one of two categories: those who remained stuck, and those who devised a plan that helped move them from stuck to success. Anyone who feels that the pandemic in particular is making them continue to feel stuck or even backsliding from what they really want in their lives can benefit from Coach Carlisle’s sage wisdom and systematic plan toward achieving significant change.

Move or Die by Chris Carlisle — Gotta Love It!

Those of us who are parents to four-legged fur babies can find valuable advice about keeping them happy and healthy by subscribing to PawPrint Magazine (

Doing so won’t put a dent in our magazine budget because you can sign up for this quarterly publication for free! Topics are wide ranging and include such subjects as cold weather care for pets, caring for senior cats and dogs, and where to find the best cat cafes in the country. And don’t forget – October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! What you learn from PawPrint Magazine can help get you ready to welcome a new member into your family.

PawPrint Magazine — Gotta Love It!

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween Party and Trick or Treat menus. Utz Quality Foods, based in Hanover, PA, ( offers a wide selection of less sugary and more savory snacks such as the 2-pack Halloween Pretzel Barrel combo pictured above.

These fresh and delicious mini pretzels are shaped like bats and jack-o-lanterns. There are 66 one-half ounce portion of Utz Pretzels in each tub, making them convenient for party menus as well as for filling trick or treat bags. Other popular Halloween-themed snacks include mini cheese balls, Monster shaped Veggie Chips, and a deliciously wicked tasting Witches Brew that combines five of Utz’s favorite snack offerings. Utz can also ship their Halloween snack offerings to friends and family members across the U.S. With over a century of experience in the pretzel and savory snack industry, Utz has been a reliable resource for delicious Halloween snack options.

Utz Halloween-shaped Pretzels — Gotta Love It!

“A Costume for Charly by C.K. Malone, and illustrated by Alejandra Barajas ( provides a wonderful way for parents to introduce their children to the concepts of gender identity, gender equality and respecting individual gender expression.

Charly, the hero/heroine of this story, faces a major problem in choosing just the right Halloween costume to go trick or treating. The solution Charly arrives at displays courage, creativity and pride.

“A Costume for Charly” by C.K. Malone — Gotta Love It!

“Leonardo and the Time Travelers” by Patty McGuigan an Marian Lye ( is a wonderful example of why books can help stimulate the creative imagination of youngsters.

It tells the tale of two curious students, Jack and Nick, who discover a secret time travel app which they employ to invite scientist Leonardo da Vinci to time travel into their 21st century Silicon Valley world. The adventures that ensue help to make their summer one to remember, culminating with a time travel visit with one of the world’s other great imagineers — Walt Disney. Make sure to add this volume to your Christmas wish list!

“Leonardo and the Time Travelers” by Patty McGuigan and Marian Lye – Gotta Love It!

One of the best ways to boost your immune system on a daily basis is by making smart nutritional choices. The Transformation Factory ( makes this easy with their superfood Sea Moss Gel.

The Lakewood, FL-based Transformation Factory produces its Sea Moss gel in five delicious flavors, a superfood that is supercharged with 92 minerals in every scoop. In addition to Strawberry Banana, choose from Pineapple, Soursop, Mango, and Strawberry. The pureed mixture is easy to enjoy right from the spoon, or blend it into your milkshakes or other beverages. It also adds a superfood touch to pancakes and waffles with nothing artificial and no preservatives. Replace sugary jams and jellies in peanut butter sandwiches with Sea Moss Gel for a tasty any time of day snack.

Sea Moss Gel from Transformation Factory — Gotta Love It!

Today’s book pick, “Heart Smarter For Women” by Jennifer Mieres, Stacey Rosen, Lori Russo and Marissa Licata, ( offers extremely valuable information to help women avoid heart disease, the number one cause of early death.

The advice it offers on everything from eating choices to exercise are simple but they do require a commitment to follow in order to make the lifestyle changes necessary to have a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. Did you know that nine out of every ten women have at least one risk factor that can lead to heart disease? Do you know how important adequate sleep is to healthy heart function? This reader-friendly guidebook will answer those questions and much more. We especially like the illustrated section of flexibility exercises along with the easy to follow menu suggestions for heart-healthy dining.

“Heart Smarter for Women: Six Weeks to a Healthier Heart” — Gotta Love It!

The art of photography gives us the ability to capture moments in time for all future generations, to see again and again. “Extraordinary Women With Cameras” , written by Darcy Reed and Illustrated by Vanessa Perez ( gives us the pleasure of learning more about the fascinating women worldwide who knew the ins and outs of the photographiic shoot.

This book offers biographical snapshots of 35 female photographers, ranging from Margaret Bourke-White and Lee Miller to Martha Holmes and Jill Greenburg. It offers wonderful inspiration to girls who have an interest in the photographic arts as a career and makes a great holiday stocking stuffer.

“Extraordinary Women With Camera: 35 Photographers Who Changed How We See the World” — Gotta Love It!

If your shelves are lined with the works of critically acclaimed author Stephen King, make room for another addition launching September 13th — “Stephen King A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life, and Influences” by Bev Vincent (

This very handsome volume spotlights every decade of this writer’s life from the 1950’s and into the 21st century with articles, photographs and artwork that is both entertaining as well as educational. Vincent has done a very thorough job of celebrating what many consider to be “The King of Horror” in the literary and entertainment world. This “Stephen King A Complete Exploration” has all the makings of a wonderful holiday gift that will be cherished, read, and re-read well beyond Christmas!

“Stephen King A Complete Exploration of His Work, Life and Influences by Bev Vincent — Gotta Love It!