Our book pick of the week will have you feeling more energized as it helps you get moving this summer, “Fitness Hacks For Over 50” by K. Aleisha Fetters (www.SimonandSchuster.com).

Open this book to any page and you’ll get one of the author’s 300 “easy ways to incorporate exercise into your life”, all without going to the gym or even having to set aside any considerable extra time in your already busy schedule. These include everything from a quick “Catch your keys” exercise to improve hand-eye coordination to improving your posture using a doorway or jumping rope.

“Fitness Hacks For Over 50” by K. Aleisha Fetters – Gotta Love It!


We first encountered Zum Bar Soap many years ago at our local Whole Foods Market, but lost track of it after a while. We’re glad to discover they now have a website (www.indigowild.com) where you can mail order a wide selection of these fun and fragrant bars to help remind you and your family of the ongoing importance of frequent hand washing!

In addition to goat’s milk soap made using essential oils, Indigo Wild also offers bricks of their amazing soap products featuring such wonderful fragrances as Frankincense and Myrrh, Lemongrass, Almond and Lavender Mint! They also make great gifts and are perfect for sticking into your closets to add a little perfume!

Zum Bar Soaps from Indigo Wild – Gotta Love It!




There’s a charming new children’s book premiering later this month from Parallax Press (www.parallax.org) that teaches kids, as well as their parents, some important lessons to make life a bit easier. This tale reminds me of a photo cutline I saw once under a picture showing a surfer, “life is a wave, ride it with a smile!”

“Mop Rides the Waves of Life” by Jaimal Yogis and beautifully illustrated by Matthew Allen, tells the story of a young lad who encounters several challenges throughout his day to which he strikes out against others. But when he goes surfing, his mother encourages him to learn how to breathe to dispel angry feelings, and allow rough waves to go by and fully embrace riding the good ones!

“Mop Rides the Waves of Life” by Jaimal Yogis – Gotta Love It!


There’s no better time than the present to escape into a good book! And novelist Joseph Di Prisco offers readers an engrossing tale with his recently released “The Good Family Fitzgerald” , published by Rare Bird Books (www.rarebirdbooks.com). 

Di Prisco’s character descriptions and settings are richly painted in this story of Padraic Fitzgerald and the many crises and challenges that confront members of his family, including four sons, one of whom is a Catholic priest. 

“The Good Family Fitzgerald” by Joseph Di Prisco — Gotta Love It!


When we left Los Angeles nine years ago, we didn’t mind leaving the crowds and the congestion, but we knew we would miss the pumpkin bread baked by the nuns at the Monastery of the Angels in Hollywood (https://monasterygoodies.com/).  The good news is, they are now mail ordering this heavenly treat and we encourage you indulge in this sweet and savory pleasure!

Monastery Pumpkin Bread goes great with milk or coffee, served slightly warmed with a bit of butter or whipped cream cheese. But we recently discovered that the busy bakers at the Monastery have expanded their line-up to include peanut brittle, mints and butter toffee (out of this world!).  So if you need a pick me up, or a reward for staying at home while the rest of the world goes crazy – place an order today, using the codeword PRAY for a sweet 15% discount!


Monastery of the Angels Pumpkin Bread and Candies – Gotta Love It!


Father’s Day is just one month away and Craft Jerky Co. (www.craftjerkyco.com) has a delicious way to treat Dad not just on his special day but also give him something to look forward to receiving on a monthly basis.

Their Premium Jerky Subscription service allows you to send either 4, 6 or 8 bags of artisan-crafted delicious jerky to the designated recipient, with free shipping and starting at a modest $25.  We recently sampled several of the popular brands and flavors of jerky that Craft Jerky Co. sends out in its subscription boxes, including grass-fed classic beef jerky from Think Jerky, Carne Seca Limon Con Chile handmade beef jerky from People’s Choice, spicy and zesty Sriracha Style BBQ beef jerky from Tong!, and tender and chewy Bourbon Franklin beef jerky from Righteous Felon. There are styles and flavor of artisan jerky to suit the Dad on your gift list. Each had a wonderful aroma and flavor, was fresh and made a perfect anytime snack!

Craft Jerky Co. Premium Jerky Subscription Service – Gotta Love It!




Memorial Day weekend traditionally starts  picnic and barbecue season, and if you are lucky enough to have a backyard, a patio or a balcony where you can enjoy fresh air, be certain to add new Stuffed Puffs Chocolate-on-Chocolate to your grocery list (www.stuffedpuffs.com).

These tender marshmallows are created using real milk chocolate and feature a cocoa marshmallow filling inside. In addition to being the perfect ingredient to create Smores, they can also be toasted over hot coals, cut into quarters and floated atop hot chocolate, or used in any recipe that requires marshmallows.

Stuffed Puffs Chocolate-on-Chocolate – Gotta Love It!


If life seems unbearable at a standstill these days, you can enjoy satisfying your wanderlust with “Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star” by Ra Anderson (www.ra-anderson.com).

This very engaging book views life aboard a 53-foot sailboat cruising the Atlantic Ocean through the eyes of 12-year old Annie. She begins pouring out her experiences and feelings in an absorbing journal as she exchanges her comfortable life on a horse ranch life filled with animals and assorted friends for learning a new way of living in cramped quarters and such new experiences as scuba diving and surviving unpredictable weather.

“Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star” by Ra Anderson — Gotta Love It!



Dandelions are nature’s gift to mankind, a key ingredient in making a tea that not only cleanses the liver but detoxifies the body.  But there’s no need to brew your own rejuvenating beverage using these sunny flowers when Lion Dandelion Tea (www.liontea.com) has already done it for you!

Lion Dandelion Tea comes packaged in glass, recyclable bottles in 6 delicious flavors: Original, Strawberry Lavender, Blood Orange Ginger, Lemon Elderflower, Blackberry Rose and Blueberry Hibiscus (pictured above).  Tastes great served chilled or over ice as a superplant cocktail, with two generous servings per bottle. Lion Dandelion Tea offers a unique way to help boost your immune system response and fortify your digestion during these stressful times.

Lion Dandelion Tea – Gotta Love It!


It’s easy to feel foggy and unmotivated when everyday seems like Groundhog Day! Matt Zinman’s guide to personal and interpersonal growth, “Z-isms Insights to Live By” (https://z-isms.com/) may be just what you need to shake those mental cobwebs loose and stay motivated to steer your life in the direction you want.

“Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured” is one of many Z-isms you’ll encounter in this book, challenging you to accept responsibility, develop positive rituals, and eliminate things that drain your energy. Z-isms offers an effective way to stay positive and believe in yourself during uncertain times.

“Z-isms Insights to Live By” by Matt Zinman — Gotta Love It!