Show the Mom, Mother-in-Law, or stepmother in your life just how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day with a customized and personalized jewelry gift from Tough As A Mother Tribe (

Making meaningful jewelry for mothers is the mission of company founder Jennifer Cervantes, who wants every woman to realize the truth behind the affirmation that “I am . . . strong, beautiful enough & Tough as a Mother.” Bracelets, necklaces featuring precious stones, and personalized necklaces that can be created to feature the recipient’s initials, nickname or name, are carefully and lovingly handcrafted, featuring 14 k gold-filled chains in your choice of lengths and .925 sterling silver lettering with 18 k gold. Your gift arrives beautifully packaged in a presentation box and storage pouch. Use the code joy30 for 30% off your order through May 1, 2021.

Tough as a Mother Customized Jewelry for Mother’s Day — Gotta Love It!

Whether you are doing a short errand, or taking a more extended day trip, hiking excursion or nature walk, Jack Link’s protein snacks ( offers everyone in the family a meaty, savory and satisfying snack option.

From their Original Beef Sticks to their Peppered Beef Strips, Jerky in multiple flavors and Beef Steak Bites, Jack Link’s bases their recipes on old-word tradition that uses only quality ingredients and the right spices. The result is a protein snack that is moist, fresh, delicious and satisfying. Sign up for e-mail alerts and get shipping on your first order free! Jack Link’s don’t need refrigeration, so you can keep them stored in any cool, dry place for easy access anytime hunger pangs strike.

Jack Link’s Protein Snacks – Gotta Love It!

You’ve invested a lot in your smartphone, so why not protect it and make it even more versatile and functional by investing in covers and accessories from Smartish (, which recently expanded its very colorful and creative product line.

The cable wrangler (pictured above) is a magnetic cord organizer that prevents all your devices from getting tangled up, just one of the neat and creatively clever accessories offered by Smartish. Others include a glass screen protector, slim phone grip, universal cross body stick-on wallet and the Dancing Queen cross body chain pictured below

Not only are these first-rate covers and accessories made from quality materials designed to last, they come in a wide variety of designs and colors so you can change the look of your devices as often as your mood dictates. This Austin, Tx-based company has been in business since 2009 and offers free domestic shipping within a day of your order of $25 or more. Smartish products make great graduation and Mother’s Day gifts this year, too, even if you are on a tight budget!

Smartish Phone Covers and Accessories — Gotta Love It!

Wishing everyone an Easter Basket filled with good health, abundance and sweet treats!

Happy Easter and a Healthy Spring – Gotta Love It!

“72 Reasons to Be Vegan” by Gene Stone & Kathy Freston from Workman Publishing ( is one of the most powerful books we’ve come across in recent years, and one that can potentially benefit the quality of life for ALL living beings on the planet, especially the animal kingdom.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly sicker, unkinder and more polluted, it’s essential that humans stop doing the things that have been done year-in and year-out in the same way and adopt new beliefs, policies and practices. “72 Reasons to Be Vegan” will open your eyes to how a plant-based diet can benefit you financially as well as health-wise in addition to understanding how our consistent demand for meat as a food source is ruining our planet, our health and our future. The authors provide logical and clear information in a way that doesn’t hit you over the head in a preaching tone but rather as a gentle argument for considering going vegan, one step at a time. Be kind to yourself and the animal kingdom and read this book, preferably with your children so the next generation doesn’t keep making the same damaging mistakes in their food choices!

“72 Reasons To Be Vegan” by Gene Stone & Kathy Freston — Gotta Love It!

Searching for the perfect ingredient for this year’s Easter Basket without overloading the gift recipient with sugar and unwanted calories?

Tops Malibu ( offers a wonderful assortment of Easter Surprize Balls such as the Deluxe Balls featured above, covered in layers of colorful crepe paper and filled with an assortment of magical prizes. Other creative choices include a Bunny Ball, Carrot Cornucopia, Golden Egg and Peep Mini Surprize Ball. Shipping is also free when you order is $50 or more! Gifts from Tops Malibu are always sweet to give and receive!

Tops Malibu Easter Surprize Balls — Gotta Love It!

Many people have taken to journaling during the Pandemic to help promote both their own sanity as well as inspire their own creativity.

“A Little Sunshine and a Little Rain” by Sabina Laura is a new release from White Lion Publishing that offers the perfect vehicle for journaling your own thoughts in poetic form. This handsome volume from UK-based writer, poet and illustrator Laura guides the reader through each of the four seasons, challenging the user to create prose and poetry using specific themes, words and guidelines, interspersed with authorLaura’s own engaging poetic creations. “A Little Sunshine and a Little Rain” makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift or a gift to celebrate any friend or family member in search of a little creative inspiration.

“A Little Sunshine and a Little Rain” by Sabina Laura — Gotta Love It!

What the world needs now — is definitely more kindness, no matter what your race, age, political party or what part of the world you live in.

Be Kind: A year of kindness, One Week At A Time by Melissa Burmester & Jaclyn Lindsey ( is filled with ideas for every week of the year, not only on things to do but also things to learn. These range from connecting with your neighbors and doing a daily gratitude list to learning how to be kind to yourself, express empathy for the suffering of others, and treat the planet and the people you enounter as gently as possible. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself and others.

Be King by Melissa Burmester & Jaclyn Lindsey – Gotta Love It!

Wishing Everyone the luck o’ the Irish today – be on the lookout for leprechauns!

St. Patrick’s Day – Gotta Love it!

Winston Churchill advised everyone to “study history, study history – in history lie all the secrets of statecraft.”

The Hidden History Club, founded by Paul Rowney ( is a fun and engaging way to discover and uncover many of the most fascinating and often forgotten people and events of the past decades and centuries through the Club’s monthly subscription service. Your “Welcome Pack/First Issue” comes handsomely packaged in a see-through storage box and contains the latest issue of the Hidden History magazine, a poster and a quiz, with an authentic vintage magazine sent out once every three months. Membership in The Hidden History Club is an affordable way to celebrate a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or other special event with a gift subscription, now at special rates through the month of March. for 3, 6 and 12 month terms. The history of Playing Cards, The Berlin Wall, and the Plot to Steal Lincoln’s body are just some of the well-researched articles you’ll encounter, along with book reviews and forgotten headlines.

The Hidden History Club – Gotta Love It!