These are discouraging times. Brightening someone’s day by reminding them that they matter in your life could make a world of difference. Lucky for us that Bonne Maman ( has introduced their wonderful “Ten Ways to Say I Love You” gift box (pictured above) for Valentine Season!

Packaged inside are ten mini-jars of Bonne Maman award-winning fruit preserves and honey, including wild blueberry, cherry, grape, fig, apricot and orange marmalade. Its priced at less than $20 and shipping is free with orders over $50, so purchase one or two for yourself as well. Bonne Maman preserves and honey are the perfect topping for morning toast or English muffins. This gift is certain to bring a day-long smile to your gift recipient.

Bonne Maman “Ten Ways to Say I Love You” gift box — Gotta Love It!

Wind, cold and overall winter weather conditions can really do a number on your skin this time of year. Applying CereVe Moisturizing Lotion on a daily basis does a really good job of keeping your body’s largest organ well hydrated and healthy. It’s an affordable product to keep in your self-care arsenal on a year-round basis.

This lotion absorbs fully and quickly into the skin, is lightweight, and has no fragrance or aroma that competes with your daily application of perfume or after-shave. Check out to try it yourself!

CereVe Moisturing Lotion – Gotta Love It!

At the start of a brand New Year – we offer you a wonderful remedy for feeling like we are stuck in the same old Covid nightmare. It’s a little book first published by Celestial Arts back in 1997 by Dominique Glocheux called “La Vie En Rose: The Little Book of Joy”.

This paperback gem provides the reader with more than 500 ways to “Live your life in the Pink” and find some measure of happiness and fulfillment in every day, no matter the circumstances. Find a copy at your favorite independent bookseller site, including, and

La Vie En Rose: The Little Book of Joy by Dominique Glocheux — Gotta Love It!


Getting a brand new year — Gotta Love It!

Bushel & Peck Books, based in Ashland, OH, offers readers a timely way to enjoy a holiday classic in their Read With Me Kids Classics series, “A Christmas Carol in 20 Minutes a Day” (

Divided into 14 reading “segments”, the book allows the whole family to enjoy this Charles Dickens tale via a series of readings rather than in one fell swoop and includes dictionary explanations for unfamiliar words and terms, along with a short biography of the noted author. Other 20 Minutes a Day offers include Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Secret Garden and The Wind in the Willows, any of which make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

“A Christmas Carol in 20 Minutes a Day “- Gotta Love It!

However you choose to spend the holidays, and whoever you choose to spend them with — our wish for you is that Santa provides you with everything you want and everything you need!

Season’s Greetings – Gotta Love It!

Since 2002, Film Movement ( has provided its club members with the ability to enjoy award-winning cinema in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Membership in the Film Movement Film Club provides direct shipment of an award-winning feature film on DVD for home viewing enjoyment in advance of general release to the public. There are also members-only discounts on a wide range of DVD and Blu-Ray titles, including classics, erotic films and documentaries. Upcoming titles for club members include They Say Nothing Stays the Same, The Whaler Boy, Servants, and Fear. Monthly or annual subscriptions make the perfect gift for the cinema lover on your holiday list! It’s a great way to turn your own den or living room into your very own Hollywood-style screening room.

Film Movement Film Club — Gotta Love It!

What could be better than reading an adventurous lullaby to your child at bedtime? How about reading and singing one, as cleverly designed by author Tara Drouin and illustrated by Barbara Owczarek (

“Starlight: An Adventurous Lullaby” is a charming and inventive story about children from around the world who share a common problem – trouble falling asleep. From Drouin’s website, you can click onto a picture of the book and hear the upbeat music designed to provide a sing-a-long while you read. This is a wonderful book to help allay any child’s fears about what their imagination conjures up in the dark and is a wonderful gift to place under the Christmas tree!

“Starlight” by Tara Drouin — Gotta Love It!

Holiday brunch gatherings deserve something a little more festive than freshly brewed coffee. We recommend you stock your brunch bar with Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream Spiked Coffee (

Packaged in convenient individual serving cans in Original and Mocha flavors, Whisper Creek Spiked Coffee is an enticing blend of the finest Tennessee Sipping whiskey blended with cold brewed coffee and cream. Enjoy it on the rocks or chilled and straight out of the can. It makes a smooth and very satisfying brunch cocktail to replace the traditional Bloody Mary and Mimosa offerings, in addition to making the perfect hostess gift.

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream Spiked Coffee — Gotta Love It!

Were you the kind of kid always begging a parent to “read me another bedtime story”? Or are you a parent or grandparent today who likes to tuck children or grandchildren in at the end of the day by reading an engaging tale or two? Then you will fall in love with “The Stories Behind the Stories” by Danielle Higley (

This very entertaining and beautifully illustrated book reveals behind the scene details about how some of the most famous works of children’s literature got their start. No less than 29 children’s favorites are examined, including The Night Before Christmas, Captain Underpants, Green Eggs and Ham, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. By the time the last page is turned on this wonderful tome, both reader and listener will have a heightened appreciation for such children’s book authors as Maurice Sendek, Roald Dahl, C. S. Lewis and Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss). “The Stories Behind the Stories” is definitely among our top picks for book stocking stuffers this season! And as an added bonus, publishers Bushel & Peck Books donate a book to a child in need for every book purchased.

“The Stories Behind the Stories” by Danielle Higley — Gotta Love It!