One of our favorite quotes comes from the movie “The Electric Horseman” and suggests “We’re either all goin’ to heaven – or we ain’t!” All the planning, worrying, rushing around and stress simply isn’t worth it. If it’s time for you to remember to kick off your shoes, kick back and enjoy a savory libation, we recommend a chilled can of Hairless Dog (

What makes this brand unique is that it’s the first domestic US 0.0% ABV craft beer brand, with truly alcohol-free products. You can enjoy the flavor of a finely crafted brew without the lethargy or hangover that accompanies drinking alcoholic beers and cocktails. Based in Minneapolis, Hairless Dog offers a refreshing Citra Lager, an earthy Black Ale, a smooth IPA and a rich Coffee Stout. You can shop online for a holiday gift pack or a mixed case for sampling for delivery right to your door. We also love the slogan appearing on the rim of every can — “Party like there’s a tomorrow.”

Brews from the Hairless Dog Brewing Company – Gotta Love It!

Many families enjoy reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” as part of their annual Christmas eve tradition. We can heartily recommend a more recently published literary work by Kevin Brougher, “Reindolphins A Christmas Tale” ( as an addition to your evening’s entertainment.

With beautiful illustrations by Lisa Santa Cruz, Reindolphins focuses on a crisis that hits the North Pole when the reindeer contract chicken pox, forcing Santa to be less than his usual jolly self and proclaim that Christmas is postponed. His clever elves recommend auditioning other members of the animal kingdom as substitutes and then the fun begins! Reindolphins makes the perfect stocking stuffer for animal lovers of all ages and those who believe in Christmas!

“Reindolphins” by Kevin Brougher — Gotta Love It!

If you find yourself needing counsel and guidance on the many problems, issues and concerns that involve your life, doing a Tarot spread can prove very beneficial. There is a new double deck of cards from Watkins ( called “The Tarot of Light and Shadow” by John Matthews and Andrea Aste.

Many individuals mistakenly associate tarot cards strictly with fortune telling, but the cards in these double decks don’t predict the future as much as they can help illuminate the information individuals need to make better choices for more successful outcomes. One of the card decks in this set represents the “light” or the rational, outer and known world, while the other deck complements it with the “dark”, representing instinct, the unknown and the inner world. During troubling times, learning how to do a variety of readings using “The Tarot of Light and Shadow” can offer a very valuable way as to how to approach decisions and how to change perspective.

“The Tarot of Light and Shadow” by John Matthews and Andrrea Aste – Gotta Love It!

We used to live within a 20 minute drive of a Cost Plus World Market store ( in California, so thank goodness for online shopping since we moved East so we don’t have to miss out on continuing to enjoy some of our international food favorites.

Cost Plus offers shoppers an amazing array of foods from all corners of the globe, along with food gift boxes such as those pictured above, all at reasonable prices. Our recent order came quickly, was well packaged and qualified for free shipping. Whether you are looking for cocktail snacks, cooking ingredients, baking mixes or sweet treats to brighten your holidays, Cost Plus is likely to have it. Sign up for their rewards program and earn additional savings toward future purchases. In addition, Cost Plus features a wide assortment of items crafted internationally, from rugs and lighting to jewelry and clothing.

Cost Plus World Market — Gotta Love It!

Extending our thanks to everyone who reads and shares “Gotta Love It” on a regular basis, as well as to the many fine publicists and companies who bring new and exciting books and products to our attention for review!

Making it a Happy Thanksgiving, despite the Pandemic — Gotta Love it!

Essential vitamins, caffeine-free energy, electrolyte hydration and antioxidants that help boost immune system response are the blend of benefits users get when they start their day with Mantra Labs super powders.

Each packet of functional drink powders, designed to easily blend with water, offers super nutrition. Rise helps start the day, Go provides energy to get through the day without crashing, and Rest ensures proper overnight recovery from a busy day’s activity. The Citrus Coconut, Tropical Berry, and Lemon Chamomile flavors are a delicious alternative to coffee, tea or soft drinks. Individual packets make them easy to take on the go as well as to store for easy access. Mantra Labs Functional Drink Powders make great holiday stocking stuffers!

Mantra Labs Function Drink Powders — Gotta Love It!

Just because the weather has turned colder doesn’t mean you have to give up drinking ice tea, a traditionally warm weather beverage. Just switch to Tea Runner (, a hard iced tea characterized by a refreshing kick and full-bodied flavor.

Tea Runner features 100% real brewed tea for the adult population, and 4.5% alcohol content. The original variety has just a kiss of lemon flavor and just enough sweetness. Peach variety will suit those who enjoy a fruitier flavor and a bit sweeter taste. Both go down very smoothly! Keep a supply of Tea Runner cans in your refrigerator to savor any time of the day or night.

Tea Runner Hard Iced Tea — Gotta Love It!

If there is a soft spot in your heart for horses, and you love beautiful artwork and inspirational stories, then Luna The Mare with the Sky Blue Eyes ( is the book that should be at the top of your holiday shopping list!

This is the true story of how author Dora Dillistone came to adopt a rare and marvelous equine that traces its lineage back to the oldest Arabian and Turkoman breeds. Her captivating story is beautifully illustrated in colorful fashion by New Mexico artist and accomplished children’s book illustrator Jonathan Warm Day Coming (

“Luna the Mare with the Sky Blue Eyes” by Dora Dillisone, illustrated by Jonathan Warm Day Coming — Gotta Love It!

The smell of freshly baked bread is one of the most comforting aromas that can waft through your house. We’ve tried many of Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen products over the years, and are pleased to introduce our readers to yet another winner – The Wolfgang Puck 14-function Breadmaker with Nut Dispenser (

This professional grade machine is lightweight yet sturdy and can perform 14 different functions, from baking a perfectly formed loaf of soft white bread, to baking carrot cake, a French loaf and even creating fresh yogurt! We were delighted to discover that the Vermont Cheddar loaf we baked this week came out of the machine and looked exactly like the loaf Chef Puck himself prepared on a recent HSN showing. It also tasted divine! We’ve tried baking bread the old fashioned way and Puck’s wonderful Breadmaker takes less work and effort and delivers a premium style product that rivals the array of goods offered in your favorite bakery!

Wolfgang Puck 14-Function Breadmaker with Nut Dispenser – Gotta Love It!

Our thanks to our local ABC TV news affiliate for reminding us that zoos are among the many non-profit organizations nationwide that are experiencing red ink this year thanks to pandemic closures, reduced hours and thinning crowds.

The Philadelphia Zoo-A-Thon ( is a great example of one way that you can support your local wildlife, and every dollar matters. If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance of a zoological garden, they you are indeed lucky! Many zoos across the nation have online gift shops, too, that make great hunting grounds for affordable Christmas and holiday stocking stuffers!

The Philadelphia Zoo-A-Thon – Gotta Love It!