Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield ( provides Beatles lovers around the globe with stream of consciousness observations about this legendary musical quartet and the impact they made on pop culture everywhere in his recently released “Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World” (

If you thought you knew all there was to know about John, Paul, George and Ringo and their fascinating ride through the 20th century world of pop groups, there are thousands of insights, trivia facts and observations presented here which may surprise you.  As the author observes so astutely, the Beatles may have left the field after giving their last performance, but they never really left our consciousness, or our hearts!

Dreaming the Beatles by Rob Sheffield – Gotta Love It!


The More Good Vibes Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle (www. provides a wonderful outlet for creative expression.

Each page of this adult coloring book contains an encouraging and empowering message, such as “Cultivate Peace” or “Go In Unexpected Directions”. Grab your crayons, colored pencils or Papermate Pens and spend some quiet time getting back to enjoying an activity usually reserved for kids!

More Good Vibes Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle – Gotta Love It!



For a comprehensive education about preventing credit card fraud, identity theft, and other financial hazards, check out “Preventing Credit Card Fraud: A Complete Guide for Everyone from Merchants to Consumers” by Jen Grondahl Lee and Gini Graham Scott (

The authors present an excellent overview of what is the fastest escalating crime in the world today and how to prevent yourself from becoming another victim, whether you are a consumer or a vendor.  This guide is an excellent investment of time and money for every member of the family. 

Preventing Credit Card Fraud” by Jen Grondahl Lee and Gini Graham Scott – Gotta Love It!


One of the best gifts any adult can impart to a child is a sense of self-worth, and that’s the primary message in the very entertaining book by Stephenie Barker, “The Little Copper Penny” (

When Little Copper Penny is feeling blue over being told he’s not worth much by others who discount the value of pennies, it’s Grandpa Wheat, a savvy 1922 minted senior penny, who comes his rescue by giving him a new perspective. This is a great read-together book that inspires discussions about value, money, and developing a sense of self-worth, despite the misguided opinion of others. The rhyming tale is accompanied by bold and colorful illustrations by Cynthia Meadows.

“The Little Copper Penny” by Stephenie Barker — Gotta Love It!



Women ready to invest some serious time and money in creating their own beauty products free from harmful toxins and artificial ingredients can learn a wealth of valuable information from Danielle Sade’s recently published “The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide: Using the Science of Carrier & Essential Oils to Create Natural Personal Care Products” (

In addition to detailed recipes and instructions for creating everything from body lotion and lip balm to anti-wrinkle serums, Sade provides some enlightening education about the science of skin care and exactly what the body’s largest organ actually needs to look youthful, glowing and healthy. Following the recipes in this beauty guide takes time and a commitment to quality, but the results are an array of beauty products guaranteed to be free from harmful ingredients and toxins.

“The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide” by Danielle Sade – Gotta Love It!


Author Kathryn Hast has crafted a wonderful new children’s book, “Otis Grows” ( that explores the often scary world of change that children encounter on a daily basis.

Otis Grows” also covers the topics of family conflict, prejudices, and the changes that take place when growing up in a charming story young red onion Otis, who struggles to understand the world, influenced by his yellow chicken mother and blue flower father. This is an inspiring tale of transforming scared feelings into strength and learning how to adopt a view of the world that helps every individual tap into the advantages of its diversity and immensity with less distrust and fewer prejudices.

“Otis Grows” by Kathryn Hast – Gotta Love It!


Many individuals these days feel lost and often conflicted about how to find happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Kaz Iso has written a wonderfully nurturing book on this topic, “When One Door Closes: Wisdom From the East To Find Your Soul’s Path” (

Whether you are struggling with recent changes or feel dissatisfied or stuck with where your life’s path has lead you, “When One Door Closes” can help to change your outlook, your perspective, and ultimately your level of happiness. Topics in this short but very helpful guidebook include meditation, sleep habits, and the power of letting go, the power of inspiration and the power of leverage.  This volume is one of those small and easy reads that present some big and very life-changing ideas.

When One Door Closes” by Kaz Iso — Gotta Love It!


European chef and eclair boutique owner Christophe Adam shares the secrets, tips and techniques for making professional looking gourmet eclair pastries at home in his colorfully illustrated guidebook, “Eclairs: Easy, Elegant & Modern Recipes” (

There are more than 500 photos illustrating step by step instructions for creating more than a dozen different eclair varieties, from classic chocolate topped to Hazlenut Praline, Pistachio Orange, Raspberry, Black Currant and Chocolate Coconut. Any home baker looking for their next creative challenge needs search no further than Adam’s guide to an array of filled eclair pastries that are luscious, colorful and oh-so-tempting.

Eclairs: Easy, Elegant & Modern Recipes by Christophe Adam…Gotta Love It! 


If you are considering investing in your first home, condo or townhouse, there is a great guide available called “My First Home” , authored by Shashank Shekhar with Richa Sarin (

My First Home presents an wealth of straightforward and easy to understand information regarding all the ins and outs of buying your first home, with topics ranging from securing a mortgage, making an offer, and creative ways to finance the down payment. Virtually any question you may have about becoming real estate savvy and avoiding first-timer pitfalls are included in this very informative book.

“My First Home” by Shashank Shekhar with Richa Sarin – Gotta Love It!


Artist Eric Messinger has introduced a unique new offering to the coloring book genre that is definitely not limited to kids. His Dominion of Giants Coloring Book: Behemoths of The Fantasy World from Fox Chapel Publishing ( enables budding artists to enter the magical world inhabited by fierce and often grotesque-looking colossal humanoid creatures.

The book’s first section offers invaluable tips and tricks on coloring techniques that can bring each illustration to life, and there are more than 60 pages of intricate and fascinating creatures for the coloring pleasure of kids – and fantasy enthusiasts – of all ages.

Dominion of Giants Coloring Book by Eric Messinger – Gotta Love It!