If you know a child who is being bullied or an adult whose present life is still being overshadowed by the effects of bullying, gift them with “The Big, Bad Bully” by Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry, with illustrations by Eva Morales (www.hcibooks.com).

This short story has a rather surprising ending regarding the identity of the bully but will inspire readers to develop self-esteem and their own sense of self-worth as one of the best defenses against any and all of the bullies they may encounter in life.

“The Big, Bad Bully” by Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry — Gotta Love It!


“All Around Bustletown Winter by Rotraut Susanne Berner from Prestel Publishing offers a unique and refreshing format in children’s literature.

There is no copy accompany each of the colorful pages depicting the busy lives of Bustletown’s residents and visitors, allowing child and parent to engage in discussions about what they see happening in each of the pages. The back cover offers a brief description of more than a dozen character found within the pages of this board book. It makes a great stocking stuffer or a lovely way to keep kids engaged on snow days.

“All Around Bustletown Winter” by Rotraut Susanne Berner — Gotta Love It!


Anyone who has ever had a canine companion as a member of the family will agree with many of the sentiments expressed by Robert Freeman in the simple yet eloquent homage he has written about his family’s dogs in Woof!, released earlier this  year by Page Publishing.

The Harvard-educated Freeman and wife Carol made a home to seventeen different dogs throughout their 42-year marriage. Woof! is not only a lovely homage to the joys, pleasures, frustrations and sorrows associated with dog ownership, but also a wonderful tribute to Freeman’s deceased partner and wife, Carol. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the dog enthusiast on this year’s gift list.

Woof! by Robert Freeman — Gotta Love It!


Our thanks to Jo Trizila of True Rest Float Spa (www.truerest.com) for bringing our attention to American Express’ Small Business Saturday program this coming Saturday, November 30.

Now in its 10th year since being started by American Express, this day is an opportunity for folks across the country to seek out and patronize independent business owners and franchisees for all of their holiday shopping needs. Some of our favorite independent businesses include Tops Malibu for really magical gifts (www.topsmalibu.com), Soaring Eagle New Age Shop (www.ebay.com/Soaring-Eagle-New-Age-Shop), and  Westgate Jewelers (www.facebook.com/westgatejewelers). We encourage you to look around the Internet as well as your own neighborhood to find unique independent businesses that you can shop this holiday season!

Small Business Saturday — Gotta Love It!


If you are searching for a stocking stuffer just jammed packed with useful and factual information, The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2020 was just released today (www.WorldAlmanac.com).

With over 1,000 pages of useful information, The World Almanac has an impressive track record, having published its original edition in 1868. It feels comforting to know that in a world filled with forgery, disinformation and outright lies, The World Almanac can be trusted to provide the reader with accurate consumer information, sports statistics, health and vital statistics and plenty more about such topics as the economy, U.S. history and world culture.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2020 — Gotta Love It!


Whether you’re preparing to meet up with family and friends at home or preparing to travel to share with loved ones, “Gotta Love It” thanks you for your continued support of this blog!

Wishing you peace and prosperity not only on Thanksgiving Day but also throughout the upcoming Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving Day — Gotta Love It!



The luscious Charcuterie Lovers Picnic Basket pictured above is just one of the many wonderful gift basket choices available this holiday season from GourmetGiftBaskets.com.

Whether your gift recipient favors sweet or savory flavors or crisp and chewy textures, GourmetGiftBaskets.com has an arrangement that can be speedily shipped to their destination. Judging by the delicious mix of quality crackers, cured meats, cheeses and spreads that were included in the Charcuterie Basket we recently sampled, these baskets fill the bill for a gift option that is guaranteed to please. Check their website to activate a 10% discount on your first order.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com — Gotta Love It!


Mothers searching for just the right gift for a teenage daughter this holiday season should check out the excellent mother-daughter guidebook, “Blossoming: Becoming a Woman”, authored by Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch (www.victoriajmondlochmdsc.com).

This easy to read, easy to understand book helps young teen girls get better acquainted with the changes their bodies undergo as they develop and how to handle the challenges they encounter, both physically and mentally. “Blossoming” offers an easy way to open up a discussion about how teen girls can set a strong foundation for good health as they mature and develop.

“Blossoming: Becoming a Woman” by Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch — Gotta Love It!


We got a sneak peak at the soon to be released “Life is a 4-Letter Word” by Dr. David A. Levy (www.mango.bz) and recommend it to anyone who needs good advice blended with good humor.

The author recounts 40 situations from his own experiencec to teach such life lessons related to faking it, self-acceptance, complaints vs. solutions, and many other topics  that will likely activate your brain cells in order to accomplish personal and emotional growth and improved well-being. Makes a great stocking stuffer and a valuable bedside table book when insomnia strikes.

“Life is a 4-Letter Word” by Dr. David A. Levy — Gotta Love It!


OB-GYN Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch has done a wonderful service for women in the 40-plus age category with her new book, “Full Bloom: Health and Happiness through Hormone Balancing” (www.victoriajmondlochmdsc.com).

This book offers a very user-friendly treasury of information that will help women experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause understand the changes taking place in their bodies and how to deal with it medically and emotionally. If knowledge is power, “Full Bloom” will help to make the reader feel powerful and confident in maintaining physical and mental health throughout their post-child bearing years.

“Full Bloom: Health and Happiness through Hormone Balancing” by Victoria J. Mondloch, MD — Gotta Love It!