If you want Dad to look and feel stylish this Father’s Day, treat him to a gift certificate to Haggar (

The Work to Weekend Denim pants pictured above is just one of dozens of styles of dress and casual slacks that Haggar offers to suit men of every age, shape and size.  Beautifully constructed of quality materials, Haggar pants combine comfort with style. Dad will love  such features as an expandable waistline and fabrics that move easily, are machine washable and never wrinkle.  Haggar’s line of E-Clo Dress Pants (pictured below) is a great green fashion option, using post-consumer recycled, organic or renewable fibers to create smart looking dress pants. Prices also make Haggar Pants an affordable Father’s Day gift option! Check out their website for other Haggar Clothing selections to complement your pants purchase. 


Haggar Pants for Father’s Day — Gotta Love It!



With Father’s Day just around the corner, author Brett Cohen provides the perfect gift for dads, step-fathers, grandfathers and fathers-to-be, “Stuff Every Dad Should Know” (

This compact little volume provides a wealth of information to help fathers help their children, from infancy through dating, choosing a college and choosing a mate. Topics covered include diapering and assembling a diaper bag, teaching bike-riding, ridding a room of monster fears, assigning chores, driving, dating and meeting prospective in-laws.  This information-packed volume makes a great gift for Father’s Day for dads of any age!

“Stuff Every Dad Should Know” by Brett Cohen — Gotta Love It!


Time to compile your summer reading list and take some time off  to enjoy your favorite category of books.

“Hunting Charles Manson”: The Quest for Justice in the Days of Helter Skelter by Lis Wiehl with Caitlin Rother ( is a must-read for anyone who likes true crime drama. The book provides a riveting although very disturbing account of the crimes and misdemeanors that led to the most shocking murder spree in US history and the journey to justice that followed. Just one year short of the 50th anniversary of the Sharon Tate and LaBianca Murders in Los Angeles, “Hunting Charles Manson” offers the reader chilling insights and information not previously made available.

Summer Reading Lists – Gotta Love It! 

No matter where you are, when you have Baja Bob’s ( new sugar-free Cocktail Mix Singles, you have the ability to get the party started.

These easy to use Mudslide Mix, Margarita (our favorite) and Pina Colada dry non-alcoholic packets are ready to blend with alcohol, water and ice to create delicious cocktails perfect for backyard barbecue, patio dining or an off-road picnic. These dry mixes are easy to store or carry-with to have handy when you’re ready to kick off the party with festive cocktails  that you can enjoy as is or add extra ingredients to create a variety of cocktail specialties that make any summer event a special party.

Baja Bob’s Cocktail Mix Singles – Gotta Love It!

baja bob's


The Spring season isn’t just a time to clean out those closets and drawers. It’s also a good time to do some emotional house cleaning to rid yourself of things that are blocking you from what you really want and need.

“Phobia Relief From Fear to Freedom” by Kalliope Barlis ( is an excellent guidebook for helping you understand your illogical fears and phoebias as well as offer gentle guidance and exercise for loosening their grip on your life!

Phoebia Relief by Kalliope Barlis – Gotta Love It!


Just when you think everything and anything that can be written about The Beatles has been said and done, along comes  a book that provides the reader with “a complete graphic history of the world’s favorite band”, “Visualizing the Beatles” by John Pring and Rob Thomas. (

This colorful and engaging guidebook covers every aspect and detail of the Fab Four’s musical career in bold graphic illustrations, covering topics ranging from fashions and song inspirations to press conferences and the famed Abbey Road Studio. Flip open to any page and you’ll be greeted with some interesting or fascinating tidbit or fact about the musical phenomenon  that after more than half a century still manages to capture the attention and the imagination of music lovers worldwide.

Visualizing the Beatles – Gotta Love It!


Kids may be fascinated with dinosaurs, but chaos can ensue should they invite some to their birthday party!  Writers Deborah Bruss and Matt Forrest Esenwine are colorfully aided by the illustrations of Louie Chin in their recently released story about a birthday party gone awry, “Don’t Ask A Dinosaur”, published by POW (

This fanciful tale shows exactly what happens when dinosaurs are invited to a birthday party celebration and the mess they make of helping out with such tasks as baking a birthday cake or setting the table. But there’s one thing dinosaurs are actually helpful with at a party, but you’ll have to read the whole story to find out! This book offers a winning combination of two things kids love the most – a variety of dinosaurs blended with the fun surrounding birthday parties.

“Don’t Ask a Dinosaur” by Deborah Bruss & Matt Forrest Esenwine – Gotta Love It!



Anyone who needs a bit of inspiration to follow their dreams should pick up a copy of Sue Tabashnik’s recently released book, “Patrick Swayze The Dreamer” (

The author has compiled a fitting homage to the actor/dancer who spent his all-too-short lifetime, encouraging himself and others to follow their dreams. This book is a must-read for any true-blue fan of Swayze and one of his best loved movies, “Dirty Dancing”, and provides a wonderful introduction to his art, talent and philosophy to anyone not familiar with his work in the entertainment world.

“Patrick Swayze The Dreamer” by Sue Tabashnik – Gotta Love It!



If you’re looking for a great way to rev up your circulation and get ready to be more active this spring, start using the T-Tapp Body Brush as part of your daily health routine (

The T-Tapp Body Brush is applied gently in quick strokes to dry skin in order to stimulate blood circulation, exfoliate the skin, tone muscles, strengthen the body’s immune system response and help move toxins out of the system faster. Body brushing has long been an accepted health practice in Europe for both health and longevity.  After trying out the T-Tapp Body Brush daily  for the past two weeks, our skin feels softer and looks better, our digestion is better and we feel more energized to begin another day. We’ll be talking more about the T-Tapp exercise program developed by Teresa Tapp to lose weight and tone up in a future blog.

The T-Tapp Body Brush – Gotta Love It!



With horse racing’s “Run for the Roses”, the Kentucky Derby happening in just a few short weeks, the recent release of “Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook” ( offers a timely guide to creating an imaginative array of light bites, entrees, desserts and classic cocktails that feature Kentucky’s favorite libation.

This beautifully illustrated volume adds a bourbon kick to  a wide variety (over 70) of such classic recipes as Cobb Salad, macaroni and cheese, Chili Con Carne and even Boston Baked Beans. And for the traditionalist, there is also an excellent final chapter featuring recipes for classic Bourbon Cocktails. The creative bourbon recipes presented in this guide will be the hit of many a Derby party the first Saturday of May and well into the summer barbecue and grilling months.

Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook – Gotta Love It!