Many people pursue exercise and good nutrition programs to help maintain good physical health but don’t give the same attention to upkeeping good mental health. Dr. Louise B. Miller has designed her book, “Psychological First Aid” ( to serve as a valuable guidebook for providing common sense first aid principles to an individual’s mental health while at the same time removing the stigma so often associated with mental illness.

Discussions in “Psychological First Aid” range from learning the signs and symptoms of mental illness (from mild to severe), to where to find help when professional treatment is indicated, in addition to covering such important topics as Suicide, Depression, Dealing with Grief and Loss, Stress, Sleep Disorders and Medications. Written in a user-friendly and conversational style, this book most importantly offers readers practical exercises and suggested lifestyle changes that can help everyone create a more peaceful, satisfying and stress-free daily way of living. “Psychological First Aid” helps the reader clearly understand how to achieve mental wellness, which is just as important as the pursuit of physical well-being.

“Psychological First Aid” by Louise B. Miller, Ph.D. — Gotta Love It!