If you are a fan of CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley (,  you may have seen the very informative story about hearing devices on this week’s episode, perfect timing for us to introduce you to BeHear Now from Wear & Hear (

This lightweight and easy to operate device offers personal hearing amplification so you can enjoy your favorite TV program without disturbing others in the room, in addition to hearing conversations more clearly even in crowded restaurants. It can also be used as a Bluetooth headset,  or handling phone calls and using the EasyListen feature to slow down the speech of the incoming voice. The clarity is amazing and the device is very comfortable to wear  and simple to recharge.  BeHear Now makes a great Christmas gift for anyone who could use a little help if their hearing isn’t what it used to be and requires no medical consultation or doctor’s visit.

BeHear Now from Wear & Hear – Gotta Love It!